About School of Economics, Finance and Banking (SEFB)


The School of Economics, Finance & Banking (SEFB) was established in July 2011 following the restructuring of the College of Business of Universiti Utara Malaysia. It consists of three departments: Department of Economics & Agribusiness Management, Department of Finance, and Department of Banking & Risk Management. Together, they offer five undergraduate degree programmes: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management, Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Banking, and Bachelor of Risk Management. SEFB's commitment to excellence is exemplified by both the success of its Bachelor of Science in Economics in achieving the AUN-QA certification in 2015 and the concerted efforts of its Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Banking in achieving the AACSB accreditation in 2016.

SEFB offers a solid, academicgateway for understanding how the world works. With all three distinct yet related areas, the study of the complex phenomena of economics, finance and banking may prove to be an ever-cherished life experience. At the undergraduate level, SEFB offers a range of optional modules which enable one to not only major in the core areas of economics, finance and banking, but also to minor in areas that best suit one’s career ambitions.

At the postgraduate level, SEFB offers a tremendous opportunity for one to pursue an advanced study in his or her core speciality within the diverse areas of economics, finance and banking. Coupled with a pool of experts with diverse expertise as well as good support facilities, SEFB provides a conducive environment for promoting research and development among its academic staff and postgraduate students. As a result, SEFB has managed to attract a sizable number of postgraduate students, both local and international, to pursue their master and doctoral studies.

Department of Economics

SEFB's Department of Economics is one of the nation's oldest economics departments, having been established along with Universiti Utara Malaysia in 1984. SEFB's Department of Economics, with an 80-strong faculty, is the largest economics department among Malaysian public universities. Student admission into the department's programs is selective and competitive, in which, in the latest batch, the department only admits about 240 students into its Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Agribusiness Management programs. SEFB's Department of Economics also has a solid and reputable postgraduate division, with a sizable number of international students following its Masters of Economics (either by coursework or full research) and Ph.D. in economics programs.

Department of Finance

Department of Finance faculty members teach finance courses in the three primary academic programs which are; Bachelor of Science in Finance (B.Sc Finance), Masters of Science in Finance (M.Sc Finance) and Phd (Finance). Starting from 2015, our B.Sc Finance students can choose to have a minor in one of the four disciplines; Accounting, Risk Management, Law and Islamic Finance and Banking. Our teaching staff are well qualified with more than 80% are PhD holders who have the experience to effectively deliver the skills needed to succeed in the real world. In 2015, the QS World University Ranking has ranked our Finance programmes as among the top 200 in global varsity rankings by subject. The ability to work together toward a common vision has contributed most to this success. We aim to be more proactive as we continue to support UUM in realizing its mission and vision.

Department of Banking and Risk Management

Department of Banking and Risk Management offers specialized programme in banking and risk management & insurance. Currently, the department has approximately 30 faculty members and 700 undergraduate and postgraduate students, including the doctoral students. The department offers bachelor degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree in the area of banking and risk management & insurance. The major strength of the Banking and Risk Management Department is the quality of its faculty members. Majority of the faculty members are PhD holders, and some of them have strong industry background. Graduates from this department serve various government and private agencies as well as work in financial and non-financial institutions. Some of the graduates have also becoming entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals.


To emerge as Malaysia's most prominent, influential and globally acclaimed center of advanced learning in the area of economics, finance, banking and risk management through our research, publications consultancies and graduates


To acquire, create, disseminate and share extend knowledge and best practices in the areas of economics, finance, banking and risk management


Together we excel

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