SEFB Perseveres Enthusiastically To Craft Articles In School’s Bulletin

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UUM ONLINE: This year has not been an easy year for everyone. In mid-March 2020, when everything screeched to a standstill due to the national lockdown, both the academic and administrative staff of UUM’s School of Economics, Finance and Banking (SEFB) worked feverishly to ensure all teaching and learning activities, as well as research and writing activities were kept up and running. Such is our commitment to academic excellence.

Despite the constant gloomy overcast of uncertainties and anxieties caused by the pandemic, SEFB academic staff stayed true to their core calling, and soldiered on enthusiastically to craft the 13 articles in this year’s issue of the School’s bulletin, i.e. the Northern Malaysia Economic Bulletin.

Along with the dedicated assistance rendered by UUM Press, the bulletin has metamorphosed into its current form, professionally designed and printed. More importantly, the knowledge conveyed in the bulletin has been culminated from years of research in the authors’ respective areas of expertise.

The main mission of the School’s bulletin is to bridge the gap between the latest research findings and the interests of educated laymen. It is not an easy feat to strip away prohibitively cumbersome technical jargons and write in such a way that one can easily be understood.

This year’s bulletin is an eclectic mix of topics, ranging from articles addressing different aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, to articles in health-related issues, agricultural economics, affordable housing, data sources for better housing market research, higher education issues such as the university’s mission, graduate employability and graduate entrepreneurs, as well as analyses of national development policies.

In fulfilling our knowledge dissemination duty, we sincerely hope that the bulletin would benefit its readers in their quests of becoming better-informed citizens.

By Prof. Dr. Russayani Ismail

Image by SEFB