Certificates of Completion BMC Ceremony

9 July 2020 ~ Prof. Dr. Russayani Ismail, the Dean of SEFB, accompanied by Mr. Afiruddin Tapa, the Trading Room Manager, had presented online certificates to 10 students representing 450 students who have successfully completed Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC).
BMC is a self-learning (e-learning) course that provides an interactive introduction to the financial market. BMC consists of 3 core concept sections (including four modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Bond Markets and Equity Markets. The course provides students with real-world experience of world financial markets.
UUM subscribes 3 Bloomberg terminals with 9 free additional terminals as an education package for the University. BMC courses are available at no extra charge. However, without subscription, students have to pay $149 USD (RM640) to attend this course.
SEFB would like to thank the University management for allocating fund to subscribe the Bloomberg terminals. It is hoped that this subscription will benefit not only UUM students and staff but local community as well.

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